Sunday, September 28, 2014

Obama's "moderate Muslim" of the week

Roger Kimball:
Just yesterday, the president of the United States — that would be Barack Hussein Obama — stood before the United Nations and heaped praise on Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah, a Muslim cleric who has endorsed a fatwa calling for the murder of U.S. soldiers. Yep, Bin Bayyah is Obama’s candidate of the week for the prize of being a “moderate Muslim.”
  [Via David Thompson referring to "that pernicious little tool in the White House" ]

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bill Maher on Islam

Bill Maher may hold an ugly, profane, intolerant disrespect for Christianity (and most other religions except maybe atheism, socialism and climate change) but at least he gets it right when he calls out his fellow "liberals" for their hypocritical defense of Islamism and their ideological (and cowardly) refusal to honestly condemn Islamist atrocities:

[h/t: The Blaze]

"Climate Science is not Settled" - former Obama science official

Physicist Dr. Steven Koonin, undersecretary for science in the Energy Department during President Barack Obama's first term, writes in an article in the Wall Street Journal:
We are very far from the knowledge needed to make good climate policy ...
 Dr. Koonin covers all the key issues, what we know and most importantly what we don't know:
...  the crucial, unsettled scientific question for policy is, "How will the climate change over the next century under both natural and human influences?" Answers to that question at the global and regional levels, as well as to equally complex questions of how ecosystems and human activities will be affected, should inform our choices about energy and infrastructure.

But—here's the catch—those questions are the hardest ones to answer. They challenge, in a fundamental way, what science can tell us about future climates. ...
Koonin's article should be compulsory reading for all climate policy makers, especially the government ones.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Wind industry - "one of the most corrupt enterprises on earth"

James Delingpole on an interview with Mexican ecology professor Patricia Mora:
... Though Professor Mora is talking specifically about Mexico, what she says applies equally well to supposedly more transparent democracies such as Britain, Australia, the US, Canada and Denmark. The wind industry is necessarily one of the most corrupt enterprises on earth because it depends for its entire existence on government favours, backhanders, dishonest environmental impact assessments and on regulators turning a blind eye to the known health problems caused by wind turbine noise. Without crony capitalism, the wind industry simply would not exist. ...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vancouver's little "People's March" against climate change

Purely by accident (I swear) I saw the noisy, Big Green sponsored mob go by on W Georgia St.  Appropriately, it began at the CBC building.

The turnout was small.

Veronica Alice (pictured) expressed an opinion to the Vancouver Sun:
“It’s the system that got us in the mess,” said Alice. “It’s the system that needs to change. ..."

A sentiment straight out of the "Occupy" protest.  Mess? What mess?  These highly privileged ingrates protest the system that brought them (and billions more around the world) whatever wealth, freedom and and life expectancy they enjoy.  It is the best it has been in the history of mankind, and getting better.  They should be celebrating that system, not protesting it and advocating its demise.  If these foolish dupes and useful idiots have their way, their (and our) children's futures will be very, very bleak indeed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Naomi Klein, the narcissistic one percenter who thinks she's Gaia

Naomi Klein has a new book out.  James Delingpole outlines what you need to know about it (and her).  A sampling of headings:

It's all about Naomi. ...
Naomi may possibly be under the illusion that she is Gaia ... 

Naomi Klein is a one percenter - and therefore happily cushioned from all the economy-destroying measures she proposes ...

The interview she gave to (a clearly infatuated, slavering) Vogue is both depressing and unintentionally hilarious ...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Needed: Clear thinking and honesty on the nature of Islam

From Daniel Greenfield's The Headchopper Next Door
 ... The current misguided thinking is that we can win a debate between a “good Islam” and a “bad Islam”. The good Islam will tell Muslims to refrain from joining ISIS, to work for social change, to embrace diversity and to champion democracy. But this “good Islam” is just a liberal’s conception of what religion should be. Its only real followers are liberal non-Muslims and it has little to do with what Islam really is.

Within the historical context of Islam and in the words of the Koran, our idea of the good Muslim is actually a very bad Muslim. And our idea of the bad Muslim is the best of all Muslims. When we argue that Islam is a religion of peace, we are pushing against the full weight of over a thousand years of history and religious ideas and counting on Muslims to be too ignorant of them to know any better.

Those who genuinely want to change Islam will not do it by lying to Muslims about their religion. Trying to convince the nice Jihadist next door that Mohammed would have rejected his expedition to rape and pillage non-Muslims in Syria is futile. The nice Jihadist may not be a scholar, but he knows his Koran.

If they want to change his mind, they will have to be honest about what Islam is. ...
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