Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Naomi Klein, the narcissistic one percenter who thinks she's Gaia

Naomi Klein has a new book out.  James Delingpole outlines what you need to know about it (and her).  A sampling of headings:

It's all about Naomi. ...
Naomi may possibly be under the illusion that she is Gaia ... 

Naomi Klein is a one percenter - and therefore happily cushioned from all the economy-destroying measures she proposes ...

The interview she gave to (a clearly infatuated, slavering) Vogue is both depressing and unintentionally hilarious ...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Needed: Clear thinking and honesty on the nature of Islam

From Daniel Greenfield's The Headchopper Next Door
 ... The current misguided thinking is that we can win a debate between a “good Islam” and a “bad Islam”. The good Islam will tell Muslims to refrain from joining ISIS, to work for social change, to embrace diversity and to champion democracy. But this “good Islam” is just a liberal’s conception of what religion should be. Its only real followers are liberal non-Muslims and it has little to do with what Islam really is.

Within the historical context of Islam and in the words of the Koran, our idea of the good Muslim is actually a very bad Muslim. And our idea of the bad Muslim is the best of all Muslims. When we argue that Islam is a religion of peace, we are pushing against the full weight of over a thousand years of history and religious ideas and counting on Muslims to be too ignorant of them to know any better.

Those who genuinely want to change Islam will not do it by lying to Muslims about their religion. Trying to convince the nice Jihadist next door that Mohammed would have rejected his expedition to rape and pillage non-Muslims in Syria is futile. The nice Jihadist may not be a scholar, but he knows his Koran.

If they want to change his mind, they will have to be honest about what Islam is. ...
[via Blazing Cat Fur]

Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Brunswick Law Society bigots vote 137/30 to ban Trinity graduates

Today at a Special General Meeting of the Law Society of New Brunswick:
"...members of the Law Society of New Brunswick passed a resolution by a vote of 137 to 30 directing Council not to approve Trinity Western University’s Law school as a faculty of law."

Update (brought forward from the comments):

When the BC College of Teachers tried to pull a similar stunt the Supreme Court of Canada ruled (8/1) in favour of Trinity. See para 35 of the ruling where it is stated:  
"... there is nothing in the TWU Community Standards that indicates that graduates of TWU will not treat homosexuals fairly and respectfully. Indeed, the evidence to date is that graduates from the joint TWU-SFU teacher education program have become competent public school teachers, and there is no evidence before this Court of discriminatory conduct by any graduate. ..." 

So, extrapolating that ruling to the NB case (there's no basic difference), the NB Law Society's anti-Christian bigotry is illegal, a violation of Charter Rights and Freedoms. For more discussion read this article.

Justin Trudeau - a waste of space and time

Justin (Buzz Lightyear) Trudeau this week told high school students that "... we have to rethink elements as basic as space and time ...".  It seems that Justin has used that theme before - to impress Owen Sound high school students back in 2008 ("The way we think about space and time needs to be re-thought," he said).

Ezra Levant, compares those "deep" thoughts to the marijuana addled ramblings of a prospective Trudeau voter:

Justin Trudeau, a waste of space and time.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Wayne Gretzky on "... one of the greatest prime ministers - ever"

The Media Party just loves the UN and its Agenda 21

The Media Party, like all dedicated leftist tools, are attracted to, defend and make excuses for any totalitarian organization or concept.  It's exactly what they're doing for Justin Trudeau and his radical crew.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The small minded battle for (and against) Scottish independance

As someone with Scottish heritage (my middle name is Fyfe) I appreciate John Robson's take:

Jimmy McGinnes, on the other hand, does a great job of playing the stereotypical Scottish numbskull:)

And here are James Delingpole's ten reasons he hopes the Scots vote 'Yes'. Sounds close to the way many of us feel about a Quebec referendum should there be another one.