Sunday, October 19, 2014

Liberal attack columns TV networks and newspaper chains

Media Party columnists hacks routinely bleat about those mean Harperites and their "attack ads" against boy-Justin.  Which is really rich coming from the set that has entire newspaper chains and TV networks at their disposal to attack Conservatives on a daily basis, all at no expense to Liberals. 

Stephen Maher, a "Robocall" hysteric, is one of those.  Presumably to coincide with the release of Trudeau's new autobiography, yesterday Maher enthused about a new book by Michael Harris smearing Stephen Harper "Party of One: Stephen Harper and Canada’s Radical Makeover":
... Michael Harris writes about the Harper- Finkelstein link...
... Harper is inspired by Republicans, a leader hostile to Canada’s system of parliamentary democracy, and in Party of One Harris meticulously traces what he sees as Harper’s attack on that system.
... Harris connects the dots between Harper and Finkelstein, who is nicknamed the “merchant of venom” because of his skill with attack ads....
In other words Harris' book is chock-a-block with paranoid anti-Harper venom.  Of course neither Harris nor Maher would mention that Trudeau's campaign is inspired (if not actively advised) by Barack Obama's crew and that Obama has actually vowed to "fundamentally transform America".

Maher does, however, bring up the Media Party's recent phony outrage over alleged Conservative copyright abuse:
... Harper has been fighting to make Canada safe for attack ads.  ... Last week, leaked cabinet documents showed that he wants to change copyright law to allow political parties to use news footage in attack ads.
You'd expect that Maher, as a journalist, would know full well that under copyright fair dealing provisions political parties have long been allowed to use news footage in political ads.  What Maher could also be reasonably expected to know, but fail to mention (naturally), is that the real scandal in this is that the heads of CBC, CTV, Global and CityTV "news" organizations had been secretly colluding (conspiring) to thwart those provisions by mutually agreeing (forming a cartel) not to run Conservative ads using their news clips.

This was all in a corrupt effort to protect Justin Trudeau from his own idiotic musings and, while they were at it, attempt to smear Harper.  This is, apparently, their idea of objectivity and ethics in the news business.  The up-side is that now those CBC, CTV, Global and CityTV "news" executives face criminal charges, big fines and even jail time for violating the Competition Act.

Conservatives use paid "attack" ads, as do all the other parties.  Liberals use the Media Party's attack newspapers and attack TV networks full time, at no expense to themselves.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doctor assisted suicide.

Barbara Kay's column gets it mostly right - Suicide is none of Medicare’s business.  Doctor assisted suicide in the land of state monopoly medicine would present a huge ethical, moral and physical hazard.

I believe it would be an enormous conflict of interest for doctors and the medical system as a whole. I do not want our medical system looking to killing patients as an easier alternative to seeking a cure or easing their suffering. The American Medical Association gets it right. It’s position is (in part):
“... It is understandable, though tragic, that some patients in extreme duress--such as those suffering from a terminal, painful, debilitating illness--may come to decide that death is preferable to life. However, allowing physicians to participate in assisted suicide would cause more harm than good. Physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks. ...”
The Canadian Medical Association, recently came up with the following weasel words (more or less): “it’s fine with us as long as doctors follow the law”. The CMA would seem to be playing down the ethical and moral hazards of doctor-assisted suicide as well as the deficiencies in our medical system.

Looking to death as a solution to medical problems is fraught with significant danger to the public, especially those already vulnerable (eg. the elderly). For example:
Treatable depression is already under-diagnosed and under-treated, especially in the elderly. With suicide as an option this situation will not improve. On the contrary, it will be exacerbated.

Palliative care experts report that the vast majority of terminally ill patients facing or fearing great pain withdraw their requests for assisted suicide once treated for depression and/or provided with proper palliative care. The problem here is that our health care system is already deficient in both depression diagnosis/treatment and palliative care. The availability of assisted suicide would lead to even lower availability of both. Clearly this would be hazardous to people who are ill and vulnerable (especially those already in, say, poverty and/or advanced age).

Many patients requesting doctor assisted-suicide are coerced by family members. There have been documented accounts of people committing suicide under pressure or duress from family members, friends or others present during their suicides. In 2010 it was reported that more than one quarter of assisted suicides in Oregon and Washington did so because they didn’t want to be a “burden” to their family. Does anyone suppose that none of those "burdens" were nudged towards suicide?
Elder abuse is widely recognized as a serious problem. Legalizing doctor-assisted suicide would make available the ultimate manifestation of that abuse.

Then there are the disabled.
Then there’s the slippery slope towards euthanasia, an even greater hazard. Many advocates for assisted suicide are really aiming for legalization of euthanasia.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Media party collusion

It really is a conspiracy after all, led by the CBC:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Myths and lies about Islam ...

... they are legion. Former Muslim terrorist, Walid Shoebat, ought to know:

Here are Part 2 and Part 3.  Now, that's a speech our pc politicians and media fools desperately need to hear and heed.

[h/t sda]

And, more recently (2012), with Michael Coren:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Praise for Harper's stance on Keystone XL

Bloomberg News reports on Canada's plans to go around Obama on KXL.

Also, this morning on Fox News' "Journal Editorial Report" under "Hits and Misses" Stephen Harper's stance was billed as a "hit".

[h/t sda]

Malfeasance in the "climate change" industry

Dr. Tim Ball makes the case for malfeasance (vs. error/incompetence) in climate science:
How many scientific mistakes separate incompetence from malfeasance? After watching the corruption of climate science for over 30 years, I believe we crossed the line with creation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Its procedures were established to prove the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis.

... The misuse of specialized methods and procedures is a fundamental problem caused by climatology being a generalist discipline. Most are specialists in a single component, who then, inappropriately, call themselves climate scientists. ... The IPCC brought together such specialists and charged them with proving, rather than disproving, the hypothesis that humans were causing global warming (AGW). It was an unholy alliance that provided an environment for misuse and abuse.

When pigs fly. "Naomi Klein comprehends the pause."