Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre - 32 Innocents Dead

Another horrific school shooting incident. And it took about a microsecond before the Libs and Dippers began exploiting it with renewed calls for more gun control here. CTV's Mike Duffy thinks the gun totin' country folks should do the decent thing and support controls to help out their fearful big city cousins. As always, the assumption is that the gun registry is actually a solution.


Swift said...

In order to protect the students all guns are banned from the campus of Virginia Tech.

arctic_front said...

Yup, Swift, looks like another 'ban' that cured that problem good and proper, eh?

The only way to fight violence is with a strong deterence, either that or with equal or superior violence.

Paper Tigers are just more useless concepts and well-meaning blather that doesn't get anything accomplished.

Armed teachers, well trained and ready to defend, not only themselves, but the students they teach, is the only way to stop a determined killer bent on violence. Even a metal detector won't cause them to drop their guns and surrender. They can just shoot their way past it. Timing is critical. Police response is measured in minutes, sometimes many. The 'first responders' to a potential massacre has to to be people that are already there. Uniformed old men in a security guard position just become easy targets to identify. A teacher or other responsible person working at the school with a concealed pistol, dressed like everybody else, is the best solution.

Here comes the rabid Anti-gun lobby..." Ban all guns", they decry.....nobody needs a gun is their mantra. Unfortunately, criminals 'need' them to further their careers. They will NEVER, EVER give them here we are, back at the old adage: "Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns". It's a tired refrain, but it still holds true, more-so today.

Utoptian fantasy will never live up to the harsh reality to real life. Do we do what is needed to protect our kids.......or let them be sacrificed on a fantasy of peace, love and goodwill to all men? Or do we do what will save lives?