Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Denis Coderre - Liberal Party "official neo-colonialist"

Loved this post by Babbling Brooks over at 'The Torch' highlighting Liberal defence critic Denis Coderre's latest loony-tunes ideas on Afghan detainees.

"Do they not make a muzzle in that man's size?"

"You want a fast and easy way to endanger our troops and undermine all the great hearts-and-minds victories they've been winning in Kandahar province? Dictating to the Afghan government how they should conduct their internal affairs on their own soil will do it."

"Stephane Dion needs to pull back on this idiot's leash, and hard."

"Time for Travers and Coderre to hammer out the finer points of their plan over a nice, hot cup of SHUT THE HELL UP."


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Anonymous said...

Bravo.......I cannot stand that loud mouthed, hezzbollah flag waving fat little fire plug! I am further disgusted by the fact that this piece o crap is the defence critic.....!