Monday, July 19, 2010

Conrad is outta the slammer!

Restarting on a high note, Conrad Black is granted bail!


Anonymous said...

It is good to see Mr.Black out of prison.

Anonymous said...

Where's Bob Rae on this canadian being held by the USA, he was so quick to demand that Harper rescue Omar Khadr from his career terrorism that went bad and got him a room at Gitmo.
Or does the CBC,NDP and Liberals select who gets the status of Canadian to be given rights. After the extrotion scam by CAIR,Sheem khan,and Maher Arar for what JORDAN did,I have no doubt the Muslim lawyers are lined up to have Omar sue canadian tax payers for not prevent the child-abuse in his Al Qaeda family on welfare.

Hey Libby Davies,I'd fight for your sorry a$$ to be rescued so what is your stance on bring back Omar and Conrad for a trial here.
Oh coddled a convicted thief named Svend Robinson who also help a female comit suicide so what was I thinking to use you as the moral yardstick to mete out Justice and Human Rights.
The NDP jumped in bed with CAIR that is now linked to funding Hamas via the bogus charity Arar claimed he was to work for.

Hmmmmmmmm,free speech is great because once the fascists spew their tripe to the media it's there in public as a rope to later hang them from.
Hoisted on their own petard.
Free Conrad
Free Canada of Omar

mary said...

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Halfwise said...

Hey, welcome back.

No one is neutral about Conrad Black; he is like bagpipes...

Hope all is well in JR's new location.