Thursday, July 12, 2012

Upside-down Tory priorities

$millions - for an elaborate tribute to a single "hero" (aka "useful idiot") to murderous Chinese Communists.

$Zip - for a memorial to tens of millions of Chinese (and other) murdered communist victims.

Apparently sucking up to commies is more important than memorializing their dead victims.

Actually those priorities are worse than just upside-down, they’re a cynical disgrace. 
And Stephen Harper should at least put his our money where his mouth is. (Actually, it would be best if both of these projects and others like them were funded entirely through private donations.  Leave the taxpayers out of it.)

Ezra Levant:


Brett said...

Sorry, I don't agree with you, Dean, or Ezra because I think you are all missing the point. You are only focusing on the fact that he was a communist by ideology and ignoring his accomplishments as a physician and medical innovator. I remember being taught about Bethune in school in the 1970's. It exclusively focused on his medical accomplishments, first as a stretcher bearer in WWI, then the Spanish Civil War and finally with the Chinese communists as they fought the Japanese.

Alain said...

No Brett his ideology/motivation/driving force is a major part of the picture and cannot be swept under the rug. Otherwise we should be praising Hitler for all the positive things he had done, such as an advanced highway system, giving the average German a very practical and reliable car and greatly improving Germany's industry.

If our government insist on providing our money to idealise a hard core communist, then we should insist that right beside the monument, another monument of equal size be erected to honour and to remember the millions of victims of communism.

Anonymous said...

Except that Bethune died before Mao came to power. It is difficult to pin all Mao's crime son someone who preceded him.

Brett said...

Exactly what did he do Alain? He was a doctor who saved lives. He pioneered mobile transfusion on the battlefield, a technique that has since saved probably millions of soldiers that would died without.

JR said...

OK, let’s admit Bethune was a Canadian physician with a legitimate record of accomplishments. He’s been recognized in the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. Isn’t that enough?

And, the fact that Bethune was a committed commie was probably indicative of the times when communism was all the rage among certain “intelligentsia”. He didn’t know any better, but he meant well - which speaks to his naive idealism (aka “poor judgement”) and that’s not something that merits erecting a multi-million dollar monument. Also, Bethune died before Mao’s Communists really got their murderous machine up and running, so he gets a bit of a pass there. But the fact that Bethune was a proud commie certainly carried a lot of weight with Mao and his fellow revolutionaries and went a long way to their having made him a “hero” or even a “saint” (not to mention propaganda tool). The point is, that he’s a Chinese Communist hero not a Canadian “hero”. They’ve built monuments to him in China, which is fine by me. But that doesn’t justify Canada’s following suit, especially when the motivation seems to be mostly cynical sucking up to the Chinese for trade (and blowing taxpayers’ money in Tony Clements’ riding, again!). The whole thing is unseemly.

Anon1152 said...

Fighting "for" Communism (in Bethune's day) also involved (at least for Bethune) fighting *against* Fascism (in Spain) and Japanese Imperialism (in China). Surely that counts for something. And surely that is something Canadians (at least Canadians here and now) can stand by.

I know that counterfactuals are problematic. But I would like to ask: how would Bethune have reacted to Mao's murderous abuses of power.... things like the Cultural Revolution (things that came decades after Bethune's death, which Ezra Levant is nonetheless happy to associate Bethune with)?

Brett said...

I can think ofbetter things to rage against than this. 2 million is chump change in the big scheme of things. My understanding is that much of the money Os going into renovations of Bethune house that already exists and provides work to the people working on it. This is a non-partisan issue to me.

JR said...

A million here, a million there and pretty soon you're talking big money. Yet, not one thin dime available to memorialize a hundred million victims of communism.

Bethune House is an overblown tribute to one man. Throwing another $2.5 million at it is a further waste.

The Parks Canada website for Bethune House includes this statement:
"... his story continues to be taught as an example of selfless humanitarianism to millions of Chinese students."

A much more valuable lesson for visiting Chinese students in "humanitarianism" would be the complete absence of it in the events surrounding those millions of murders under communist rule.

Alain said...

I only have one final comment to make and that is let the supporters of this provide donations to cover the cost. I disagree that he was/is a Canadian hero, but I am willing to accept that those who think otherwise could donate the cost. I most strongly object to our tax dollars being squandered on this. So all of you who want to heap praise on him, please put your money where your mouth is.

bertie said...

And what is the difference between this and monuments to Leyton and streets being renamed for Leyton.And the adoration for accomplishments???None that I know of.And the weirdest of all,a state funeral for this guy Leyton.Are the NDP not commies??

Alain said...

Bertie, I didn't address the Layton issue since it was not the subject, but I feel the same about that. In light of our economic situation, I strongly object to our tax dollars being squandered on any of these things, just as I object to it being doled out to NGOs, grants and all kinds of things that in my view have nothing to do with minimal government. That is far too much waste and it needs to stop.

I think we probably agree in general although we seem to be coming from different angles.

JR said...

I agree, Alain, many projects such as Bethune House (and the memorial to the victims of communism)would best be funded by enthusiasts through private donations and leave the taxpayers out it altogether. I've adjusted my post accordingly.