Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dear Conrad - please don't encourage the airhead

Conrad Black thinks Justin's senate gambit is a great idea:
Justin Trudeau took a promising step this week when he severed his party’s senators from the Liberal caucus ...

... That ambition for the triple-E Senate would require rewriting the Constitution, which is simply not possible in Canada.
What bugs me about most Senate reform discussion is that it always seems to begin with the assumption that the Constitution is closed or that to "open" it would be to risk having the country fall apart (or something). Well, it isn't closed, it has always been open for amendment - there are amending formulas.

It obviously wouldn't be easy, but if our nation's leadership and brain-trust are serious about Senate reform then there should be a serious, grown-up effort made to formally change (or abolish) it. All serious proposals should be on the table for discussion and debate with a view to formally amending the constitution. All else is mickey-mouse tinkering and political grand-standing.

On the other hand it's entirely possible that the current wave of enthusiasm for Senate reform is a just passing fad stoked by the Media Party and opposition opportunism over apparent financial malfeasance by certain Conservative senators.

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Anonymous said...

Juniors gimmicky stunt is a whole lot of nothing and is probably related to the upcoming AG's report, IMO. Turd #2 doesn't want Senate reform at all, and he's stated as much, because as he's said it would be bad for Quebec, which of course is Turd jr's only concern, Quebec. It' is a strange phenomenon in Canadian politics that states that Pierre Turdo can remake the country in his own image, for bad or worse, while essentially over-riding the founding principles of the nation, the Magna Carta and the BNA act, but no future Government can undo the resulting damage. It's truly bizarre that the country can be held to ransom, imprisoned into an ideological straightjacket without the consent of the Canadian people, as Turdo did but to add insult to injury are then rendered impotent in any attempts to change the imposition of Turdos Charter. It's an absurd notion!! IMO, if Turdo could vandalize the countries Governance and impose his warped ideological whims, than a real country can come to it's senses, realize the damage done and make changes. Otherwise it's not really a country but rather a cult, the cult of Trudopia, formerly, Canada.