Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Global bureaucrats with climate agenda like "a pack of hunting animals ... no conspiracy is necessary."

Peter Foster praises Aussie PM Tony Abbott and PM Harper for their "resistance to the economically destructive global climate agenda":
... Mr. Harper pointed out that economically-damaging solutions were not supported by any government; it was just that Canada dared to be a little more “frank” about the issue. So, now, is Australia under Prime Minister Abbott.

... more good news in the proposal from Mr. Abbott, who has scrapped his country’s planned carbon tax, to try to put together a coalition of “centre right” governments that might turn the tide against climate hysteria.  

... At every turn, nimble activists have outmanoeuvred the allegedly all-powerful oil companies, who have appeared both sluggish and defensive. Part of the ENGO success comes from framing themselves as David vs. the industrial Goliath (despite that big money lurking in the background). In fact, little David is a front for a power-seeking agenda which is supported by those global bureaucracies, such as the International Energy Agency and the International Monetary Fund.

... For anybody who suggests that this represents some paranoid view of a global conspiracy, no conspiracy is necessaryBureaucrats do not need literally to conspire, that is, plot, any more than a pack of hunting animals needs to sit down and discuss tactics before descending on its prey.

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Jack Allore said...

You, my friend, have nailed it! Anyone (Suzuki) has spouted that line for years!! These people are despicable manipulators who depend on mindless adoration from progressives to further their agenda!