Saturday, June 25, 2016


In Summary:

Doom, gloom and scare-mongering continue 
The Economist:
Globe and Mail: Richard Nesbitt 
National Post: Andrew Coyne, John Ivison 
Realism and optimism
National Post: Rex Murphy, Conrad BlackTerence Corcoran
PJ Media: Roger L. Simon, Roger Kimball


Martin said...

If any doubt remained as to whether the CBC was intent on reporting the news, or shaping it to fit its own agenda, reading a few of the links here should dispel that notion.

Note the opening line, "it is difficult to understand...(the result)

The Exit side were bigots: "They (immigrants) became a scapegoat and it worked" This from one Geoff Smith Queens Un, who also mentions "nostalgic whims of Britons "longing for a time and place that never was,"

They were stupid: The Guardian claims " those with a university degree voted overwhelmingly to remain, while those without one did the opposite, according to the Guardian newspaper"
Note there is no reference to any poll suggesting those results, the Guardian and CBC simply know this to be the case.

The entire coverage dwells on the negatives of the vote, no attempt whatever is made at objectivity, for that Canadians must search beyond the CBC.

Anonymous said...

I must say of all things the Canadian media has discussed, this has probably been the most biased and one sided. What is not discussed is lets suppose in North America we were as integrated as the EU, would most slamming the brexit want Canada to be part of such organization, I suspect not. I am a pro-leave and have visited 23 of the 28 member states and will be visiting another three soon (so by year end 26 of the 28), I am pro-immigration, and I am proud of Canada's diversity. I believe the best way to have peace and cooperation between countries is for countries to remain sovereign ones, not have their sovereignty surrendered to a supernational entity like the EU does. Also being leave doesn't mean being anti-immigration. Regardless of the vote Britain controls its non-EU immigration, all that changes is rules for EU immigrants. Right now any EU citizen has the automatic right to live in Britain no questions asked whereas once Britain leaves the rules will apply equally to all nationalities so if anything it might make it easier for non-EU immigrants to come since they won't have nearly as many EU immigrants so they won't need supertight rules on non-EU immigrants to keep immigration under control. In fact if you are a Canadian (unless you are a dual citizen with one of the other 27 member states) this will probably make it easier to move to Britain, off course I can understand young Canadians who are dual citizens of other EU member states being upset, but on the plus side they will still get to live and work freely in the remaining 27. Off course I know some Canadian dual UK citizens only got dual citizenship so they could live and work anywhere in the EU and they will lose this, but still overall I think this will be good in the long-run.

The EU is a massive mess limping from one crisis to another so it needs a massive shakeup, not a minor one and my hope is this will force it to do so and if it doesn't hopefully more countries will leave. I am not against the EU per se, but believe it has gone too far in integration and should be something more integrated than NAFTA, but less so than it is now, or at the very least create a two speed Europe where countries can choose between deeper integration for those who want it and less integration for those who don't want to surrender too much of their sovereignty.

JR said...

Martin, Thanks for that CBC link. I've added it to the list of pessimists in my post. You are right, along with Anon here, that it is hopelessly biased and closed-minded to any views that aren't in lock-step with their own (so much for "diversity"). Like most of the left they are big-government globalist proponents of open-borders and anyone who disagrees with that view is a knuckle-dragging racist.

It was also interesting to see the reaction of the EU leadership. Their first instinct is towards petty vindictiveness and a desire to punish the Brits. And, of course, the sour grapes Brit "Remain" side is calling for a referendum redo.