Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Government joke critic fines comedian $42,000

The Quebec "Human Rights" Tribunal ruled that Mike Ward's humor was offensive and fined him $42 grand, thereby boosting his already high popularity.  This will probably make him a millionaire, and good for him.   Here's Mike Ward with Gavin McInnes shortly after the ruling:

As always the truly offensive joke in these cases is the "human rights" bureaucracy.


Anonymous said...

I think the reference to so called "human rights tribunals" as the Mob is apt. Thats how leftists and their manufactured "institutions' behave, like gangsters. Whether they're stealing your hard earned cash to give to someone else or whether its the Trudeau Supreme Court imposing their warped Trudopian ideology, carbon taxes, political correctness which essentially tells everyone what you can and can't say... or else... gangsterism, fascism, the lefts calling cards.

dmorris said...

I don't compare the HRC's to "The Mob" at all.

When you compare the two,the Mob looks good,they sell their dope and their girls to willing customers,and if you leave them alone,they won't bother you. Yes,of course there are consequences to their form of business, but they won't affect the lives of 95% of the citizens of this Country.

But,the HRC is ever watchful for transgressions,and they CAN and WILL destroy your life if you say anything they don't like, such as the Christian Minister in Saskatchewan who opined incorrectly on gays.You can lose your livelihood very easily by defying the PC rules of this Country ,via the HRC's, say anything anti- victim du jour and you'll be out on your ass.

But,you can bitch all day about organized crime,write awful things about them in any newspaper editorial page or blog,and suffer no consequences. You can call for the death penalty for all drug dealers and grow-operators, and they couldn't care less.

Try that opinion on a "protected" group some time and see how quickly things will go bad,very bad.
I guess you could the say, the Mobsters are bad guys, but the HRC's are worse guys.