Thursday, November 30, 2006

CBC’s Don Newman a declared Liberal!

So, you say, this is a surprise? We all know that the likelihood of any particular CBC employee being a Conservative supporter is vanishingly small. Liberal or NDP or Green or Commie supporter, a near certainty.

But knowing in your gut that Don Newman most likely votes Liberal isn’t the same as having it openly declared. Mr. Newman is, after all, the host of the show ‘Politics’ on a taxpayer funded network. He’s a public servant. We taxpayers are entitled to expect a certain minimum level of objectivity, at least the pretence of it, are we not? If, at the beginning of each edition he began by explicitly disclosing his support for one political party or another it would certainly impact how the audience viewed the show.

Anyway, during yesterday’s show, James Travers of the Toronto Star made the following comment to Don Newman (quoting from memory): "having watched a Liberal like you for years". There it was, no flinching from either Newman or Travers and no denial from Don - it was a matter of fact. Don Newman, host of CBC’s award winning show ‘Politics’ is officially declared a LIBERAL!

Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have the political sympathies of all CBC reporters and commentators presented at the beginning of each program - like a product hazard warning label?

CBC announcer and on-screen text: "In the interests of full disclosure and fairness, CBC viewers should be warned that Don Newman votes Liberal and the rest of the program staff vote either NDP or Green".
Then we conservatives, fairly warned, could view at our own risk of blowing a cork or switch to a more politically acceptable channel. Which, in Canada, would be ....? Fox News and "The O’Reilly Factor".


Anonymous said...

We need a Canadian Fox Network!!!


Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more, Pat.....a pro-right network to keep the CBC, CTV and their ilk honest.....we can only dream!

imaqgine the Canadian population being given the chance to hear the other side of the story for a change....

They may not have the better ratings, but it would give the gullible and easlily bull-shitted populace the option of getting the news they can't get from the other guy's...

dream, dream, dream,,,

JR said...

While we're dreaming, perhaps Ezra Levant and the Western Standard could be persuaded to branch out into network TV.