Friday, November 24, 2006

Quebec as a Nation (continued)

This is like picking at scabs - painful but you just can't stop.
Anyway, William Watson's column in today's National Post says it best:
For men not blessed with eloquence, both Stephen Harper and Bill Graham gave surprisingly stirring speeches about Canada on Wednesday. But the speech I liked best was Gilles Duceppe's. "We are what we are, period," echoing the show-stopping "I am what I am," from -- what could be more appropriate? -- La Cage aux Folles.

When our own cage aux folles reconvenes next week, I hope MPs will consider the following philosophically impeccable substitute for Mr. Harper's motion: "Resolved, that this House recognize that Quebecers are what they are, period, and so is everyone else in the Canadian nation."

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Sierra Club is climate change propaganda monger.