Sunday, January 28, 2007

Harper - green crusader

In today's Victoria Times Colonist witty columnist Jack Knox skewered Stephen Harper's green conversion. I couldn't resist commenting:

Hello Jack,

Ref your column today,
'Harper turns into green crusader'. Very true, up to a point.

One record not mentioned in your column or in other coverage of climate and weather is the record breaking, massively successful environmental propaganda campaign. It’s the explanation for the sharp turn-around in public opinion. David Suzuki must be grinning from ear to ear.

Combine an unusually warm start to winter in central Canada, wet, windy weather in BC, Al Gore’s scary ‘truth’-stretching movie and other environmentalist hysterics with relentless news, weather and talk show coverage explicitly or implicitly linking every weather event and non-event with "climate" change. I’ve never seen so many red screens on The Weather Channel declaring "severe" weather alerts - most with laughably weak justification. And trees down in Stanley Park! Heck, we haven’t seen that since that other great ‘climate change’ event, Hurricane Frieda in 1962.

But, sigh, massive propaganda surely affects polls; and polls surely affect politicians. So I guess I should be looking for ways to protect myself, not from the effects of climate change, but from the effects of climate change
hysteria on the economy. And the irony is, even if Suzuki’s dream were to come true and Canada’s green house gas emissions were stopped entirely (along with the economy), the effect on global climate would be .... somewhere between zero and unmeasurable. But don’t tell anyone!


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