Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Climate change HYSTERIA!!! ... and climb-down

Sierra Club off the deep end

Last week, on the front page of the Victoria Times-Colonist, we were treated to a Sierra Club horror story complete with color map of Victoria showing the flooded city after a six to twenty-five meter rise in sea levels. According to the TC story: "Sierra Club B.C. executive director Kathryn Molloy said the six-metre rise is a "best-case scenario" that can be averted only if steps are taken right away."

This was followed the next day (to my surprise) by several letters from readers who decried the Chicken Little alarmism being promoted by the Sierra Club and the Times-Colonist. One, an actual UVic climate scientist, wrote to complain that "...the silly and counterproductive Sierra Club of BC .....would so overstate the case as to make it ridiculous".

Today the Sierra Club’s Kathryn Malloy is back in the TC with a more measured analysis trying to explain away its earlier alarmism. Now, according to Malloy:

Well, the last time Earth became 2C warmer was 130,000 years ago, and sea levels were roughly six metres higher. [my emphasis]
At least the Sierra Club admits the earth was warmer prior to the current modern period of human industry. Though, apparently the more recent (800-1300 AD) ‘mediaeval warm period’ (MWP) is still too ‘controversial’ to mention in polite company. This warm period was, until very recently, part of accepted climate science - accepted, that is, until it got in the way of global warming theory. The UN IPCC (author/publisher of the thoroughly debunked junk science global warming ‘hockey-stick’ graph) is one of the main sowers-of-doubt about the MWP’s significance.

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