Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Environmentalism “an attack on the world’s poor”

Envirophilosophy 101 - poor people should stay poor.

Mine Your Own Business is a documentary film about multinational environmentalists’ arrogant, bigoted and dishonest efforts to halt mining projects which would provide valuable opportunities for otherwise chronically unemployed, impoverished people.

Peter Foster provides an excellent review of the film in today’s Post:

The film is devastating because it combats prejudices and fantasies with pictures that refute thousands of [environmentalist] weasel words.

World Wide Fund for Nature’s Mark Fenn ...[while] building a luxury home in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar also fighting a mining proposal by Rio Tinto ...[claiming] a mine will ruin the town’s "quaintness" and that poor people are happier, smile more and have less stress ... if they acquire money they will "just spend it" on fripperies such as beer, stereos and jeans. ...they don’t value housing, nutrition and education.

In Chile, at the site of [a proposed] mine ...a community desperate for jobs but being manipulated by the distant forces of organized environmentalism.

Greenpeace representative Herwig Schuster ... interviewed from Vienna... sounded like Peter Lorre at his most sinister ... claimed that poor people didn’t need air conditioning and "big cars".

Noted development economist Deepak Lal is left to deliver the bottom line: Much of environmentalism is effectively an attack on the world’s poor.

Mr. Foster notes that a segment of the film aired on CBC’s The Current last Friday - "in marked contrast to a piece on The Current three years ago ... which largely swallowed the environmentalists’ party line."

Mine Your Own Business deserves the widest possible publicity.

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