Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kofi Annan - good riddance!

Kofi Annan is nearing the end of his double five year tenure as UN head honcho. Yesterday, in a final official speech from the Truman library in Independence Missouri, the heart of the UN's host country, he attacked President George W. Bush and the USA for failing to measure up to Kofi’s high expectations. Being a ‘diplomat’ Annan tried to be ‘nuanced’ - praising President Truman as a leader who [unlike Bush] understood the way the world should work.

Robert Fulford, in his National Post column today, does a masterful job of exposing Annan for the feckless blowhard that he is:

"...President Harry Truman, a great leader who would have regarded Annan with contempt."

"Never addicted to the truth, Annan has clearly decided he won’t abruptly change his ways during his last weeks at the UN."

"...few have given a more flagrant display of mediocrity than Annan."

"Annan’s UN declined in effectiveness while deteriorating internally. Scandals...rapes habitually committed by UN troops in the Congo...failure in Darfur [and Rawanda] ... [Oil-for-fraud] Billions of dollars were used improperly."

"...Annan seems to talk nonsense just to keep in practice."

"...moving his lips and emitting sounds as if he had something of value to say."

The good news is that Kofi Annan will soon be gone. Good riddance!

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