Saturday, December 2, 2006

It's Stéphane Dion

In a fourth ballot 55/45 vote Stéphane Dion beat out Michael Ignatief for the Liberal leadership.

Now what is the Conservative braintrust to make of this!? Who knows, but in my opinion Dion was the least weasel-like of the three 3rd ballot front-runners. But he's still a Liberal (ie. an illiberal neo-liberal) so he's still a potential big-government disaster should he come to power. Worse, he's from the Québécois 'nation' which is infested with separatists, soft-nationalists and pacifists at the core of an economic basket-case nanny-province.

Dion ran on three priorities:

The economy - who didn't?
Social justice - the socialist mirage
The environment - Mr. Kyoto (yikes!)

Robin Sears on CBC's 'Politics' said Dion was the best bet for a Conservative victory. Don't know about that but I sure hope he's right.

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