Sunday, December 3, 2006

'Londonistan' - lessons for Canuckistan?

I’m in the middle of reading Melanie Phillips’ extraordinary book ‘Londonistan’. It’s a gripping account of how four decades of multicultural folly has resulted in Britain’s having become a centre for the Islamist global jihad against Western civilization. Those who are interested in the root causes of events like 9/11 and its British version - 7/7 will find them in this book. And for the many Canadians who have their heads in the sand, as the Brits did (and still do), it’s striking how whole sections and paragraphs remain true when ‘Canada’ is substituted for ‘Britain’. A sample:

The expression of British majority values therefore became synonymous with racism. Multiculturalism and antiracism were now the weapons with which minorities were equipped to beat the majority. Not all minorities, mind you — Jews were not considered to be a minority because of the prevalent Marxist analysis that racism necessarily involved power, and since Jews were seen to be powerful, they were part of the majority and so could never be victims. Anyone from the third world, however, was suitably powerless and therefore their values had to trump those of the majority. And anyone who resisted this was pronounced guilty of racism or xenophobia. This was the new "tolerant" society.

A highly recommended must read!

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