Thursday, February 15, 2007

“Hack journalism” at the Globe and Mail

No punches are pulled when Bob Tarantino rips apart a recent Globe and Mail story criticizing Conservative appointments to Judicial Advisory Committees (JAC) :
[my bold]
"Canada's worst newspaper once again evidences why it so richly deserves the sobriquet with this piece of hack journalism ..."
"This is what passes for front-page analysis in reporting on the story..."
"Once you wade through the lousy reporting...."
"And you'll note that not only is even the torqued coverage at the Globe able to identify an unqualified appointment..."
"If you want a brilliant example of the double standards at play..."
"Here's the challenge for Canada's worst newspaper.....Then, and only then, would there actually be a news story here."
Not only does Tarantino do a terrific job of exposing the Globe story’s many deficiencies, he gives us an excellent tutorial on the JAC process while he’s at it.

Great stuff!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Ghost of Mr. Brown continues there. Interestingly enough in a number of CFL Web Sites people are saying the Gof M is Conservative (sic) and Toronto Star Liberal. Not sure any of them read the Globe.
Be interesting if the issue explodes on them over the course of time as the Globe is expending a lot of creditability on their support of the LIbs and in the end the reality of who pays their salaries (the public) my (not convert them for sure...their history is to entrenched, and hiring practises are in place for over a 100 years), however a mellowing of support is on the horizon...mark my words!!!

JR said...

Yes. There's even been a noticable 'mellowing' of support for Libs over at the TStar. Must be the Dion factor.