Saturday, February 17, 2007

People who carry guns

During the CBC’s ‘Politics’ show yesterday the press panel was shown a video clip of General Hillier’s "decade of darkness" speech about the devastating effect of Liberal budget cuts on the military. This was followed by a clip showing Liberal reaction and the ensuing discussion was about whether Hillier’s remarks were too political. The Toronto Star’s James Travers wasn’t happy. Then the Star’s Susan Delacourt blurted this weird little bit of Liberal paranoia:

Susan Delacourt [at 48:15]
"Yeah actually segueways with what we were just talking about before too [it doesn’t ] ...and I don’t want to go too far on this for fear of walking out of here [??] (...nervous chuckle). But I do think we’ve got a disturbing thing going on, or it feels like we do, with the RCMP. Whether it’s... it’s people who carry guns getting political and sidling up to the government. Um..I think it makes everybody a little bit nervous, um, certainly makes me nervous..and"

Later Don Newman tried to bolster Delacourt’s nutty remarks by making reference to Harper’s having visited with RCMP Commisioner Zachardelli shortly after the election ("...they appeared to be new best friends").

Soldiers. With guns. In our cities. In Canada.


Anonymous said...

I saw that too, and I also thought Susan Delacourt was weird in what she said. She said that she feared and didn't know if she should say what she said. Oh, good god....can they get any stupider???

knb said...

Actually, the whole panel agreed, even gasp, Greg Weston, that well known liberal.

HearHere said...

Isn't Susan Delacourt living with or married to a prominent Liberal strategist? I think she is. In that case, she is just carrying the banner for them - remember - hang 'em high justice, vigilantes, "radical justice", In the same few days Scott Reid called Afhganistan Harper's" Viet Nam;" Kevin Newman on Global inisinuated that if the Tories had any say in selecting judges that maybe the abortion issue would be on the table.
The scary hidden agenda and all of the good little Liberal media soldiers just salute and do their bit to create the frenzy.
I wonder who Travers sleeps with? (or, what Liberals have on him - which in my opinion when I see rabid bias I have to wonder if the journalist doing the Liberal barking has something to hide themselves. All those media parties on the tax dollars. ll that wining and dining and who knows what kind of favours.
It is the Liberal way. You don't earn this kind of media political influence any other way.

Anonymous said...

I think that when the "Natural Governing Party" gets back into power one of the first things we'll see is the appointing of Senator Jim Travers. Too bad for Jim, if he worked for the CBC he could be Governor General!


wilson61 said...

Susan seemed, shaken up. Maybe they did some internal polling and the results were...frightening!!

Anonymous said...

This will make commies nervous as they desire to disarm the populace so that their secret police can easily dominate them.