Thursday, March 22, 2007


“Well, screw that nonsense.” (Peter Foster)

That pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject too. A day doesn’t pass that we don’t have one control freak or another hounding us about what we should or should not eat, drink, wear, drive, fly or think to fight global warming and ‘preserve the future’ for our children’s children.

As Peter Foster so aptly puts it in his column today:

In reality, such restrictions amount to an attempt to rob our children’s present.
The attempted moralization of most forms of commercial activity is a trend of our times.
The sole exception to this new dogma are the thousands upon thousands .... criss-crossing the skies to attend meetings in exotic locations to promote the new feudalism.
Unless they are vigorously resisted and curbed, all these insane attempts to restrict or otherwise tamper with markets will have dire consequences. Every cut-back in economic activity will inevitably reduce prosperity and jobs - and it’s the poorest that will be hit hardest. Now I know the eco-freaks don’t give a damn about people - the fewer the better. But you’d think the socialist supporters of the eco-fascists’ favourite schemes would worry just a little about their biggest claimed constituencies - ordinary workers and the poor.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer the term 'eco-communist' myself.
(real conservative)