Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is the hysteria beginning to wane?

This poll is encouraging.

Admittedly it’s a small sample so far, but encouraging nevertheless. Even the qualifying words with the 'No' response suggest a return to sanity.


Halfwise said...

According to my bathroom scales I have lost 10 lbs, and I haven't been feeling all that energetic lately. Clearly there is a medical problem, right? So I went for a checkup and my weight at the doctor's office is unchanged from 2 years ago, and it turns out that my scales aren't reliable. But for the time between when I "lost" the weight and when I saw the doc, I sure believed that there was something really wrong medically.

As it turns out, I am probably just getting older. Who knew!?

Check out Steve McIntyre's Climate Audit and be amazed at his exposure of the second-rate data collection and unauditable data manipulation that underlies much of the official temperature record these days. You may agree that our climatic bathroom scales are unreliable too.

Glad the responders to the poll are alert; glad too that the poll questions are worded somewhat thoughtfully.

JR said...

Yes. SM's CA does a fine job of 'error' detection.