Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jonathan Kay says Al Gore and Bono are “Cool”

Peter Foster says: "Jonathan Kay is an idiot"

Actually, that’s not exactly what Mr. Foster said - but it’s a close enough paraphrase.

In yesterday’s National Post Jonathan Kay wrote a mucho lamo column praising Al Gore for having "changed the world". In it he referred to "...conservatives ? obsessive critics who've wrapped themselves up in cranky, tiresome rebuttals."

Today Peter Foster delivered a great smackdown in his Post column entitled Egomaniacs aren't 'cool': present Mr. Gore as a single-combat warrior ignores the many billions of propaganda dollars that governments and NGOs have spent promoting environmental apocalypse. Mr. Gore is not exactly swimming upstream.
...the notion that we might congratulate individuals for shifting public opinion by doctoring facts, exploiting ignorance and demonizing opponents is hardly praiseworthy.
...we might remember that [certain named] tyrants had one thing in common with Mr. Gore: They firmly believed they were agents of "the truth" and that apostasy was unacceptable; it had to be the result either of class-based self-interest or mental disorder.
Of course, I'm probably just being cranky, but then the role of conservatives, unfortunately, is to stand in the way of grand Utopian schemes, however "popular" they may be.
Nor does [tradational conservatism] involve climbing on bandwagons or giving in to family and social pressures to get with the "religious experience" and sink into the warm feeling that dangerously simplistic egomaniacs are "pretty darn cool."


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