Saturday, July 14, 2007

Conrad Black - a victim of the times

George Jonas has an interesting take on Conrad Black’s sorry situation. In a nutshell, Jonas believes Black was the victim of his company’s usurpers who took advantage of the prevailing anti-corporate "Zeitgeist" and enlisted government regulators and prosecutors to do their dirty work:

The liquidators wanted to cash in. They had no use for the founder.... As far as they were concerned, the Moor had done his duty, the Moor could go.
Larceny through government isn't new, though we usually expect to see it in
Russia or China. But in our days of government intervention....They point regulators at their targets, a grand jury being their biggest gun.
Inquisitors rarely fail to find the heresy they're looking for. By the end of 2003, Conrad was ousted as CEO; in 2005 he was indicted, and in the spring of 2007 his trial began.
The easiest way to rob a man is to call him a thief.
The evidence didn't support the contention that Conrad and his codefendants defrauded the shareholders......Never mind the evidence, [prosecutors] told the jury in their closing statements. Forget the paper trail. Just follow the money, and whoever got it, convict him.
Conrad had the facts on his side; the prosecutors had the spirit of the times. When the charge is witchcraft, and the venue is 17th-century Salem, whose chances do you fancy?
After his ouster, stock values had dwindled from around $19 to barely $4.....Most of those who ran Hollinger into the ground never made it to court, either. They were content to draw their multi-million dollar fees for dismantling the house that Conrad built...
...the media talked about "victimless crimes," but they were wrong. The victims were sitting at the defendants' table.
Good luck Conrad! May your appeals be successful!

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Anonymous said...

Give your head a shake - Black have never been a victim in his whole life.

The man broke the law - he had a choice and he made the wrong ones. He's done this all his life beginning by cheating on his exams as a kid and being kicked out to now.