Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Honouring our heritage

Versus stuffing it "in a drawer"

In today’s Globe, Christopher McCreery takes issue with certain senators’ objections to flying the Canadian Red Ensign at Vimy Ridge.

The protest by Senators Roméo Dallaire and Marcel Prud'homme over the flying of the Canadian Red Ensign at Vimy Ridge demonstrates an acute lack of national maturity.
From their tone, one would almost suspect that the government was flying the battle flag of Imperial Germany at Vimy.
Mr. Dallaire has even suggested that the Canadian Red Ensign be "put away in a drawer."
We are now 40 years beyond the flag debate; surely we can be mature about the Canadian Red Ensign and its rightful place in our rich history.....No part of our history belongs stuffed away in a drawer.
Good for Mr. McCreery!

My own way of honouring the Red Ensign is to fly it on Dominion Day (that bit of our heritage vandalized back in October, 1982.)

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