Friday, September 7, 2007

Marxist infestation at the CBC

Brian Lemon wonders when the CBC bias will end:

Likely when the CBC does.

Today, driving home I got to enjoy CBC promoting marxist Naomo Klein's
latest piece of marxist propaganda.You know Naomi Klein... She's married to marxist Avi Lewis who has his own marxist promoting show on CBC. Who is the son of marxist Stephen Lewis who is the son of marxist David Lewis. He's also the son of marxist Michelle Landsberg.

Then I got home in time to listen to Clare Demerse, marxist representative of the marxist "Pembina Institute".

No bias at CBC nope.

Marxism may be a dead-end philosphy but, like the cockroach and the CBC, nearly impossible to stamp out.


Anonymous said...

It was the CBC in 2003 that reported that Maher Arar was denied entry to the USA at JFK when he deplaned a flight from Tunisia by himself , CBC then reported that Tunisia wouldn't allow him back for fear Arar would leave and would claim asylum with his Family since canada and the USA suspected he had Hamas and Hezballah ties.
The CBC then reported that only JORDAN would take him and that's where he could unite with his family and fly to Canada directly .

But somehow the story changed and the CBC claimed Arar was arretsted by the big bad USA after his family returned from a Middle east vacation, Arar was detained and then sent to Syria to be tortured for a confession to Terrorism ties.

The CBC didn't even check thereown archives to see what they printed in 2003 which was either a lie back then, or the new story was a lie , they both can't be the truth.

Arar and the NDP were buddies with CAIR and the C.I.C. which are Pro-Sharia Law and now the FBI has proven in a Courtroom that CAIR funnelled money from Canada to a bogus Islamic Charity that sent money to Hamas and Hezballah.
Currently, 4 Members from CAIR are either deported or in Prison for Terrorism funding or immigrant smuggling to get Jihadists in Mosques.

No wonder CAIR's Lawyers advised Arar to settle out of Court with Canada and reduce his $400'000'000.00 Lawsuit to a mere $10 million before Taxpayers discovered the scam to "Allege" torture as in the Al-Qaeda manual .

Only One Passport said...

With the CBC as our 'national' investigator, he need have had no fears.

Raphael Alexander said...

I enjoy many aspects of the CBC which don't pertain to an ideological bias. Perhaps you should seek these out. Hockey Night in Canada is fairly non-partisan, and in fact seems to promote the sale of pick-up trucks and beer during commercials for some strange reason.

kursk said...

I have never had any respect for Avi!© ever since his hatchet job on a very decent man, Preston Manning, when the junior marxist Lewis was working for City t.v.

Anonymous said...

you have a Marxist phobia - I suggest you call Dr. Phil.

I'd be more worried out right wing fascism if I were you.

JR said...


That's hardly an excuse for the CBC or justification for its existence.

For starters, I, for one, am not a hockey fan. Also, programs like "Hockey Night in Canada" could easily and should be carried by the private networks. The only saving grace about such programs on CBC is that, as you point out, they pay for themselves thru beer and truck ads.

The problem with the CBC is that virtually ALL of the rest of its 'serious' informational programming including news, current affairs and documentaries are hopelessly and inexcusably biased to the far left.

I deeply resent being forced to subsidize such a network and there's absolutely no need for it to exist anyway.

The only solution is to kill it or privatize it.

JR said...


The only thing 'right-wing' about fascism is that it sits on the right wing of the far left. Every fascist regime including Hitler's had socialist totalitarian roots.

Lemon said...

Kursk . . .
I was a reformer then - when Preston went on CITy I guess to appear cool....
I was astounded that the leader of the party was put in that place. Called the campaign office and asked them if they knew wtf they were doing.