Thursday, September 20, 2007

What a farce! Mexican “refugees” from the U.S.A.

According to this sob story, illegal Mexican immigrant to the U.S.A., Manuel Ortega, is one of many heading for the Canadian border. We’re told that Ortega and his family, "for 15 years was living ...the American Dream in Florida ."

Now, thanks to a Florida crackdown on illegal immigrants, they’re in Canada claiming "refugee" status and soaking up social services, health services, legal services and any other service the ‘Y’, ‘Sally Ann’ or government agency can think to point them to. All very expensive for the taxpayer.

No one can blame the Ortegas for taking advantage of the gullible Canadian refugee system. But they have NO credible claim as "refugees", NONE, and should therefore be refused entry at the border. Fat chance! They’re welcomed with open arms, apparently few questions asked:
When they told the border guard they were seeking refugee status, the
Ortegas were given a list of social services organizations to contact for
Our idiotic "refugee" system seems to guarantee every claimant, no matter how flimsy the claim, the benefit of the doubt pending their case being heard by a refugee board. This is followed by 48 appeals, followed (maybe) by a deportation order, followed by sanctuary in a church basement, followed by a bleeding heart rally, followed by permanent residence in Canada.

To castigate the federal politicians in charge write here, here and here.



Tony said...

I agree. I made a similar post about the story in my blog:

Why is Immigration Canada not enforcing our Immigration Laws?

The Canadian refugee claimant system is a farce. It was never meant for economic refugees, but because of a loophole in our laws, they are able to exploit it.

We should never allow “economic refugees” coming from the United States to enter Canada and drain our social services. Hopefully our Federal government will enact legislation to resolve this issue.

JR said...

Tony, I've read your post and commented there. Good one.