Monday, April 6, 2009

Hitchen's mea culpa to Canada

Christopher Hitchens has acknowledged being wrong in his criticism of Canada in the George Galloway affair and points to Terry Glavin for the straight goods.

Terry Glavin:
(UPDATE II: Appended to his Slate column today, Christopher writes: In my last column, it seems I may have done an injustice to the government and people of Canada in the matter of George Galloway's canceled visit to that country. For elucidation, please consult the following blog post. For my part, let me say it was not so much that Hitchens didn't do a lick of homework, but that the references he relied upon - Canada's national newspapers - are what led him astray).
Good for Hitchens.


Joan Tintor said...

Good stuff. Thanks.

Terry Glavin said...

I like to think that in this very small way I have defended my country's honour against a Yankee provocation.

Remember Lundy's Lane!

JR said...

Joan, Thanks for dropping by. Though any credit belongs to Terry Glavin. He's done outstanding work.