Sunday, April 5, 2009

“Obama turns left”

That’s a Globe and Mail headline. And the subheading is:

"The U.S. President is putting the state in charge of the economy in the land of free enterprise. Are the 'best and brightest' up to the task?"

Just for starters Obama isn’t "turning" left. He’s been left all along. He was the most left-leaning Senator in Congress. He campaigned on a statist/socialist platform.

Secondly, what makes anyone think that the Obama administration is the "best and the brightest"?

But even if they are, the answer to the question is: NO they are NOT up to the task! Unless, of course, the task is to ruin the economy.

As Friedrich Hayek would testify, the Obama Democrats, like all socialists, suffer from "The Fatal Conceit" which will inevitably lead America further down "The Road to Serfdom".

Former Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean poo poo’d any anti-interventionist nay-saying: "I’m pretty confident. This is not rocket science". No it isn’t. Rocket science is simple-minded child’s play by comparison. Even the (presently poorly understood) climate system is simpler than national and global economies.

And the man entrusted with leading the charge down the road to Hell, Mr. "community organizer", hasn’t managed so much as a Dairy Queen franchise.

Unless Obama "turns right", America is doomed! And so, therefore, are the rest of us.

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Philanthropist said...

They know what they'll do to the economy, that is their point.