Thursday, August 9, 2012

'Smilin' Jack' - the movie

Steve Murray : -)


Alain said...

That there are some agenda-driven people who want to make a national hero of an average, typical socialist Canadian, is one thing. Layton achieved no outstanding accomplishments and certainly made no worthwhile contribution to Canada, but he did manage to live his whole life taking advantage of the accomplishments and money of working Canadians. What is outrageous is that this is being done using our tax dollars by the state broadcaster.

Anonymous said...

I didn't bother to watch the clip. Watching any part of the CBC's paean to this socialist freeloader would make me cough my cookies.
Powell Lucas

JR said...

As Ezra said, this is a government funded (multi-million dollar) propaganda flick pushing the NDP message. And it'll probably be released sometime shortly before the next federal election. There oughta' be a law!