Sunday, August 26, 2012

The appalling arrogance of climate alarmists

From Václav Klaus' speech at the International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies, organized by the World Federation of Scientists in Erice, Sicily on 20 August 2012:
The real problem is not climate or global warming, but the Global Warming Doctrine and its consequences.
This doctrine, as a set of beliefs, is an ideology, if not a religion.[2] It lives independently on the science of climatology. Its disputes are not about temperature, but are part of the “conflict of ideologies”. Temperature is used and misused in these disputes. The politicians, the media and the public – misled by the very aggressive propaganda produced by the adherents of the global warming doctrine  – do not see this.
... As someone who personally experienced central planning and attempts to organize the whole of society from one place, I feel obliged to warn against the arguments and ambitions of the believers in the global warming doctrine. Their arguments and ambitions are very similar to those we used to live with decades ago under Communism. The arrogance with which the global-warming alarmists and their fellow-travellers in politics and the media present their views is appalling. They want to suppress the market, they want to control the whole of society ...
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A recent example of appalling arrogance (and sloppy dishonesty): California Governor Jerry Brown's "denier" web page.


Alain said...

Did he ever hit the nail on the head? His description is spot on.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..... some of the climate alarmists have their heads so far up their ideologies they can't see sunlight.

Anonymous said...

The planet has charted a slew of record temperatures in recent years. In the continental United States, July was the hottest ever recorded with temperatures 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit (1.8 Celsius) higher than the average in the 20th century, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

JR said...

Anon (9:11:00 AM ),
The planet charts a slew of record temperatures with some regularity.

"... July temperatures 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the average in the 20th century..."

Here's some more NOAA data:
"...there is nothing terribly anomalous about the current 1981-2010 reference period. It’s 0.03° F warmer than the 1931-1960 reference period."