Friday, October 12, 2012

Nobel peace prize goes to giant f'd up nanny state

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded its 2012 peace prize on Friday to the 27-nation European Union ...
The Nobel Committee is certainly keeping up its reputation for dopey awards.


Anonymous said...

how appropriate it comes on the 52nd anniversary where Khrushchev banged his shoe on his desk to protest the west's criticism of the Soviet Union's treatment of occupied eastern European states. The first speech was by Canada's PM John Diefenbaker who criticized the treatment of Ukrainian's, Baltic States and Eastern European countries. The shoe banging incident was triggered buy the Philippine delegate but it was Diefenbaker that pissed Khrushchev off. Khrushchev later body checked PM Diefenbaker in the hall for his stand. Even worse, DFAIT raked Diefenbaker over the coals for his stand defending Ukrainians. Nice to know the bureaucracy was pro-Soviet.

I as a Ukrainian Canadian am proud that PM Diefenbaker stood up for my fellow Ukrainians and did the right thing. PM Harper did something similar when he went to Ukraine.

There were some European Union President's who actually stood up and demonized communism and the Soviet Union for what they were.

For that they actually deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

Gerry from gta

Alain said...

They lost their remaining credibility when they awarded the prize to Arafat, the terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Can't remember his name, but isn't there some Chinese guy who has been nominated many times but never wins who fought so hard for human rights in China.

Anonymous said...

well maybe Diefenbaker should get the noble peace price. :)

ReluctantSerf said...

This summer, I met someone who suggested that, given the state of US and European sovereign balance sheets, every Nobel prize in Economics for the past 50 years should be revoked. As a person who believes that socialism would not exist if economics were a science, I agreed at the time.

Now, however, I am starting to question that assessment. After all, they have just given Europe a Nobel Prize for for the simple, if somewhat obvious act, of self-destructing! And they gave Obama a Prize for successfully running the con game that got him elected and gave him the power to begin dismantling America. Thus, it is getting to a point where there can be no more severe condemnation of a person or organization than to award them a Nobel Prize.

It follows, therefore, that recipients of the Nobel Prize for Economics over the past 50 years deserve their awards!