Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brian Lilley with Glenn Beck on Omar Khadr



Anonymous said...

In Canada we embrace everybody from many many many different cultures and nationalities. In Canada we are a multi-cultural nation that was built on immigration. In Canada we believe that all persons are equal and have equal opportunity. We embrace many many many people from nations that openly support and endorse terrorism and jihad. In fact we even support whole families are terrorists who hate us.

We embrace the common criminal and the most disgusting criminal that kills children because we believe that even criminals are equal and deserve a second chance, even if that second chance means committing more crimes. We then just give a third chance to commit crimes, and fourth and so on…..

This is our cultural and way of life in Canada. We are giving, caring, compassionate and heart-filled. “We are Canadian“.

Unknown said...

You don't speak for me or "we".

newcenturion said...

Anon you're confusing equality under the law with equality of all people and cultures. People are not all equal nor are all religions, lifestyles or politcal systems equal. Some are better than others. The proverbial "We" in the West believe (despite what the media party espouses), that our western culture, which was founded on Judeo-Christian laws and ethics, is superior to all others.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see! Thanks for the input. The part of Canada you folks live in probably doesn’t have “Affirmative Action“, “The Employment Equity Act”, A Human Rights Kangaroo Commission” or “Civil Liberties“ that benefit criminals and terrorists?

I would further suspect that your part of Canada must actually be Conservative that believes a Canadian is a Canadian regardless of colour, religion or origin and not a “hyphenated” Canadian?

Where I’m at in Alberta there’s still a very strong liberal influence left over from the destruction of the liberal empire and their attempt at socially engineering equality.

Don’t believe me? Just apply on-line for a job at say CN Rail, CP Rail or even the Alberta Provincial government! They will ask you your “race”! They further sate that in the event two candidates are equally qualified for the position the one who is disadvantaged by minority status my be given preference.

So welcome back home Mr. Khadar and welcome to Canada!