Thursday, February 14, 2013

Postmedia's puff piece on Justin Trudeau

This story puff-piece by Glen McGregor about Justin Trudeau's wealth appeared in most Postmedia News outlets this morning (on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen).  It didn't take Ezra Levant long to debunk it and ask some serious questions:


Joseph said...

Could care less how many folks are willing to shell out to hear the lucky y chromosome lpc leader wannabe. But I do care if the lpc is using his speaking engagements (particularly those ones where publically funded orgs shelled out the big bucks) to fund raise without declaring the amount raised to EC.

Jen said...

What can Trudeau possibly say/talk about during those speechs when he can't even answer a simple question provided by a reporter.
when one of the SNN reporter tried to ask Trudeau a question-a question normally not asked by msm, Trudeau reacted and responded with a huff and puff.

All we know from Trudeau who said that:
-all the good PMs come from Quebec.
- the problem today is that we have a PM from the West.
- He will join the separatist party if the PM keeps changing canadian values.

I also wonder how much money do CTV CBC give Trudeau just to utter 'HUH.'

Drrino said...

So how much does Ezra Levant make on a speaking gig?
Does Mr. Levant know the meaning of the word donation?
There are so many logical falacies in Levant's rant that it is comical, although I hope Glenn McGregor sues Levant for Lible.

ps-indian is no longer the term used. And impacted refers to teeth, affect or influence refers to policy.