Monday, February 18, 2013

Martha Hall Findlay's weak, cowardly apology

Martha Hall Findlay's apology for her supposedly "personal" attack on Justin Trudeau during Saturday's Liberal debate has been all over the news.

There was nothing especially wrong with Findlay's challenge to Trudeau. It was weak as "attacks" go but she raised a legitimate issue to someone who has been yapping non-stop about being a saviour of the middle-class (imitating Obama, no doubt).

Trudeau's typically phony, vapid response to Findlay:
"... I've been lucky in my life ... and what is important for me is to put everything that I've received, like each of us wants to, in service of my community. And that is what my identity is all about."
More like in service of Justin Trudeau's bank account. Findlay should have also attacked Trudeau on his highly questionable practice of soaking charities and schools $10K - $20K a pop for speaking engagements while on the taxpayers' dime as a sitting MP, often skipping parliament to do so.  Why didn't she?

Findlay's apology was unnecessary, if not cowardly. It makes her look weak - just another Trudeau suck-up - rather than a serious challenger.


Anonymous said...

I would think the "word" came from the (old boy) backroom puppeteers If she had not apologized she would have wound up as a low level backbencher for making the "chosen one" look bad.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

ms Martha probably sees the writing on the wall and felt that an apology might keep her in the good graces of His Majesty for a plum cabinet position should the liberals (barf) win govt.
pretty easy to figure out these guys. no different than the troughers in the Ontario liberal party.

brad maynard

JR said...

Rob, brad - Exactly!

Agent Smith said...

Agreed - whatever respect i had for her vanished with this vapid apology. Zero spine. She didn't land a damaging blow - something that would resonate. Now it's "oh man am i ever sorry about that."

Anonymous said...

that is the funny part about the liberals, already worried about cabinet positions, lol

Anonymous said...

Three things:

1) Findlay's reference to Trudeau's pampered existence is legit. and justified.

2)Secondly, out of the three contenders, Findlay, Trudeau and Garneau, Garneau is, by far the most qualified for the P.Ms office, Findlay would be next and Trudeau a far, far, faaaaaarrr last.

3)Now having said who is the LEAST qualified to be the leader of the Liberals I hope that Turd-oh wins the leadership because I want to see Harper crush him and shove his spoiled little face in the mud.

Martin said...

Why would the candidates be worried about cabinet positions at this stage? Outside of a few optimistic polls,few observers give the Liberals much chance of forming the next government whoever they choose.
Jr. would be least likely to PM position.

Unknown said...

Really disappointed in Martha's retraction. I thought here is a Liberal with some substance, man was I wrong.