Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Greedy Lying Bastards

A movie review by Peter Foster:
According to the documentary Greedy Lying Bastards, action to address the earth’s greatest existential threat is being held up by twin corporate Towers of Evil: Koch Industries and Exxon Mobil. ...

... What this tedious film, and its hysterical title, confirm is the frustration from the left that their climate crusade — which was always rooted in hatred and demonization of industrial society — has inevitably crashed. That frustration is also evident in the frenetic campaign against the Keystone XL pipeline....


terrraderma said...

You should better inform and educate yourself.

There is no frustration, just referenceable fact. Go find some before you blunder off on things you apparently know nothing about and are totally unqualified to comment on.

Anonymous said...

JR, was the above comment generated by a spambot?

Seriously, I'm not sure whether I should respond to him or not - oh well here goes.

Terra derma, on the unlikely event you are real, you're comment is unbelieveably (literally) insipid.

JR was linking to a movie review. Your drive by smear about frustration is as ill informed as you accuse him of being.

Now, take your blind, knee jerk lefty enviro-bullshit home, have a good cry with all your recently divorced gay friends, have a good hard long suck on mommy's tit and STFU. - 'kay?

JR said...

Anon, It's hard to tell isn't it. The troll's handle, "terraderma", seems to fit the topic, but the mindless criticism is worthy of a spambot.

Either way your comment is apt - so, thanks.