Friday, March 15, 2013

University of Waterloo does it again

Pro-abortion loons prevent MP Stephen Woodward from speaking at the University of Waterloo.

Once again bigotted, fascistic bullies are permitted to shut down speech by someone they disagree with.  Once again pathetic, useless, cowardly police allow it to happen.

And once again we are offered proof that universities are wasting mountains of taxpayers' cash "educating" these fools.


Alain said...

For the most part universities are a waste of money, especially for tax payers as they are heavily subsidised. Nevertheless the refusal of cops to do their job, and this is not the first case, needs to be addressed and dealt with. If they do not do their job they should be fired. Free speech is not a green light for a few to disrupt and shut down scheduled events with which they disagree. I hold the cops responsible more than these raving lunatics.

JR said...

Yes, and also responsible are the university administrators who presumably give the campus secutity people their marching orders.