Thursday, January 16, 2014

Global warming - "a textbook case of pseudo-science"

Every unusual weather event, a hot summer, a miserably cold winter - all are taken as proof of the theory of catastrophic man-made global warming.  Everything confirms it, there is no counter evidence -  Freezing is the new Warming:
... What interests me is how global warming is degrading, in plain sight, into a textbook case of pseudoscience—all while remaining an unassailable article of belief among those who think of themselves as pro-science.

One of the famous characteristics of pseudo-science is that it is "unfalsifiable." That is, the theory is constructed in such a way that there is no evidence that could possibly refute it. ...
[via Mark Steyn]

Update: A couple of links from Springer in the comments:
Science paper doubts IPCC, so whole journal gets terminated!

Is a mini ice age on the way?


bertie said...

Here is evidence.ITS BS..They cannot refute that.

Anonymous said...

They seem to forget weather is by nature variable and extreme weather always has and always will occur. Climate change can only change probabilities, one cannot link any single event to it. Also the real problem with warming crowd is their predictions were over the top and since they have not materialized they lost all credibility.

Anonymous said...

Check this out!!!

To say the AGW cranks are ruthless would be an understatement! Wow!


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, I am reminded of that old adage: Men plan while God laughs.


Anonymous said...

2013, 4th warmest year on record globally.

It's cold here for a few days doesn't equate to it's cold everywhere thus there's no warming.


JR said...

"2013, 4th warmest year on record globally."

If true, so what? We're talking a very local (in time) situation. It is acknowledged that there has been recent warming (past century or so) which plateaued 15 years ago. So, given that we're at the top of a recent temperature 'hillock' you could say that the last 15 years are the warmest on record. Meanwhile atmospheric CO2 continues to rise, with no corresponding warming.

Considering the longer historical record the current global temperature is well below historic global averages. See here: