Saturday, January 18, 2014

CBC climate propaganda (aka lies)

CBC "News" edits CBC's Ghomeshi interview with Neil Young:


Anonymous said...

I don't get the issue from Ezra's perspective...

he critiques Q for giving a softball interview without a lot of criticism for factual issues, but adds the caveat that it's okay, it's not a news show, it's an arts show.

But then he attacks the national for editing out areas that had factual issues and only presenting parts of the interview that were factually correct?

JR said...

Ezra's point is dead simple. Young's interview with Ghomeshi exposed Young as a know-nothing celebrity with hypocritical and wildly biased, not to mention silly, opinions of what's happening in oil sands production - one of his dumbest claims being that Canada is exporting oil to the ultra-polluted China. Young is either a complete ignoramus on the issue or a deliberate liar.

CBC News edited out Young's most idiotic views, apparently in an effort make him look appear less foolish - to cover up his hypocrisy, ignorance and/or, possibly, lies. They attempted to make him sound reasonable when they know full well he isn't (they had edited out his idiocy didn't they?). How is that honest journalism? It's not, it's dishonest propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Neil claims the treaties are not being honoured.
Wouldn't the obvious question be how are they not being honoured?
A question that is conspicious by it's absence.
The treaties are being honoured, and a whole lot more, anyone who has read the two page treaties will immediately see that.

When CBC interview Syd Ryan about a contract dispute, don't they ask him for details?
CBC is knowingly helping Neil lie to Canadians.

JR said...

Anon(1:56:00 PM), Exactly.

And while I'm here, let me correct a possibly wrong impression I may have left by my comment about exporting oil to China. I'm all in favor of Canada exporting oil-sands bitumen (and any other commodity) to China. Using Oils-sands oil would cut China's pollution levels, but even more importantly make Canadians a ton of money.