Friday, May 9, 2014

Globe and Mail columnist craps all over GOC ad defending Canadian oil industry

Globe and Mail columnist Eric Reguly writes:
The ad in The New Yorker is pretty, if not quite arresting. The full-page photo on the inside back cover – prime real estate in the United States’ leading upmarket magazine... It is designed to convince influential Americans that the Keystone XL pipeline is environmentally safe, even desirable [the Horror!].
... What is clever about the ad is ... the headline and the succinct lines of copy beneath it. They are slick pieces of propaganda – misleading without being outright lies. Of course, advertising is all about propaganda. But this ad is unconscionable because you, the Canadian taxpayer, paid for it. 
... The second point is that there is nothing “environmentally responsible” about building new pipelines that would allow a huge expansion of the Alberta oil sands. More pipelines, more oil, more greenhouse gases.
With Canadians like Reguly, who needs enemies?  In fact, such ridiculous whinging over a pro-Canadian-oil-industry ad puts Reguly in league with the eco-extremist enemies of Canadian oil-sands and pipelines.

Also, compared with the outright fabrications, funded in the many millions, by the scare-mongering enemies of Canadian oil sands and pipelines (eg. billionaire Obama-booster Tom Steyer) the $207,000 Canadian government ad is the epitome of forthrightness, honesty and frugality.

And, observations by Reguly such as these:
"... Canada’s Kyoto accord commitment. Canada bailed out of the accord in 2011, the only signatory country to do so.

... While the 17-per-cent target is intact, the chances of it being achieved are close to zero; even Environment Canada admits so.  ... because oil sands production is soaring. ..."
... are positives, not the negatives he implies.  Good for the government of Canada!


Martin said...

Quite a column for sure, it's hard to believe this was actually composed and printed in Canada.
Omissions of facts are just as misleading as lies, and Reguly conveniently skips over the fact that US never even signed the Kyoto accord.The Clinton-Gore administration failed to try for ratification in the Senate after the Senate had passed an an anti treaty resolution by 99-0. The left always implies that GW Bush never passed Kyoto, but actually no administration of any stripe could overcome those Senate realities. Some of his assertions about Ont emissions falling due to coal plant closing are dubious.
Coal plants in Ohio valley have not closed and much that CO2 falls over Ont. Sounds like Reguly should be on the payroll of the US Democrats.

Anonymous said...

as usual I will suggest that anyone who believes in AGW live without any benefit of fossil fuels. any benefit.

Anonymous said...

Under the Liberals, they did nothing after signing onto the Kyoto accord except Dion named his dog Kyoto. Greenhouse gas immission went UP under the Liberals and right now under PM Harper they have been reduced over 5% already.

Alain said...

I am with anonymous about those preaching and pushing AGW should be denied all use and benefits of fossil fuels. That would include giving up their computers, iphones and a whole lot of things. It would even include bicycles today due to plastic elements.