Saturday, May 10, 2014

Next on the Trudeau "hit" parade

JT, according to JT, is all about diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness - until he isn't.  Next on his growing list of those to be banned from the Liberal Party, "climate change" skeptics:


Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative who is pro-life. I am appalled at what Trudeau has done with regards to the abortion issue. But I am also appalled at what the Harper government has failed to do about the abortion issue. The Harper government has the view regarding abortion as Trudeau and Harper hasn't even attempted to make the issue a matter of Parliamentary debate with his MAJORITY government. In fact Harper has even blocked certain backbenchers who wanted to bring forward a private members bill to address the right to life. So in reality, Harper is not one bit different than Trudeau when it comes to one of the most important issues to conservatives in Canada.

Anonymous said...

just a reminder
does anyone know if there is a Liberal connection
given that Trudeau is big BIG on a carbon tax

Anonymous said...

check out Daniel Dicken
he has an Ezra Levant video that indicates a Tides Liberal connection

Anonymous said...

The progressive/communists went from Global-Warming to Climate-Climate change once their scam was exposed by 15 years of NO warming. The AGW fraud was pushed by Gore as a Peer-reviewed report and Consensus based from 98% of the scientists.
Today, we hear the new fraud narrative pushed by the GREEN party that uses "Evidence-Based" in their effort to fool people in debates.
Trudeau used it for his Global-warming scam to tax the poor with Carbon now being a pollutant so he can SELL carbon credits , and then wipe out the middle class so only the Liberal Elites are at the top while all the people under them are ignorant peons cutting his lawn and washing his Mercedes Benz .
The " Evidence-based" argument is fine if the evidence is based on science and not a consensus by those getting rich off the scam and that doctor the DATA . Maybe Justin can name me just 1 of those 99% of the Scientists that can confirm the AGW and how they now base Science on consensus.
Gotta love those wacky liberals , they wrap themselves in the flag when they are desperate and say the opposite of what they actually believe or do. Justin endorse a Homophobic Misogynistic child-bride friendly radical Mosque in B.C. , he then went to a PRIDE event as a friend of the gays while he also defended the sharia FGM to Brown women as he was upset it was called barbaric . He then held that Ladies Night to endorse feminism and the pro-choice crowd but praise China which as a one-child policy and those Abortion Trucks going through the countryside to find rural women that are pregnant on their second child and force them to get in the truck.
Nice one Justin , is the next rule to be a MP going to be Child-bride pedopbhilia to ge the Sharia votes and insist it's a Charter Right for the islamic faith he needs to protect .

Martin said...

The attacks by various AGW zealots on Canadian oil production, are becoming more hysterical and misinformed. Witness an astonishing column in Ottawa Citizen by Desmond Tutu on the "moral imperative" of opposing pipelines. The bishop is happy to join the aging rock stars and hollywood actors condemning Canada. Jr seems quite happy to ally himself with such critics, when he is outside Alta.
The problem for LPC is that Canadians roundly rejected a green energy shift 2 elections ago. One can see the hands of former McGuinty aides, now Jr's advisors, pulling the strings on this one. He had best be careful, McGuinty-Wynne green policies have not resulted in enormous support for Ont Liberals.

Anonymous said...

I don't fall for the Liberal double-speak because as they talk about defending women's rights as Harper has a war on women , the fact is that the NDP and Con's have had a women as the Party Leader while he Con's actually had our first woman PM . Federal Liberals have yet to have a woman get close to being the leader in their own election because they get bumped out early as if they were Window dressing to look so progressive.
Justin goes to the PRIDE events and Pro-Choice events to look so progressive and a friend of women and gays, BUT.....he then endorses a anti-gay misogynistic radical Mosque in B.C. and even pretends to be a muslim with the costume and rituals .
At the Ladies function one night he praised China even though China has a one-child policy and forced abortion via the mobile abortion trucks scouring the farmlands to catch a hidden pregnancy for a second child.

Leftist Liberal Progressives are fine with imported oil from pro-sharia islamic hell-holes murdering gays and flogging women , but until those Liberal geniuses invent the magic crystals for free/clean energy.....we need to run our schools and Hospital on North American Oil and Natural Gas to stop the money going to child-bride friendly OPEC nations also funding the 80% of radical pro-Jihad Mosques in canada.

JR said...

The Trudeau Liberals appear to be in lock-step with the Obama Democrats on many fronts. Both are:
- cults of (incompetent) personality
- pro-"choice"
- beholden to radical environmentalism
- championed by a fawning, heavily left-biased media
- ...

Anonymous said...

well Liberals need to read latest on climate gate scandal
how much longer before someone is arrested