Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Albertans dying by the hundred from coal-fired power plant emissions!

So say a couple of scare-mongering Alberta doctors:
... two different modelling techniques (one from the Canadian Medical Association, and one from Environment Canada) showed dramatic health effects: 4,800 asthma days (missed work or school due to asthma), 700 hospital visits, 80 admissions, and approximately 100 deaths annually associated with coal-fired power emissions.
Not so fast, says Michelle Sterling (see also the Calgary Herald comment thread).  One of many flaws and oversights in papers cited by the doctors immediately casts serious doubt on their argument:
... [There was no mention of] the greatest factor in air quality in Alberta.  Wildfires. In 2011, wildfires dumped 1.9 million tonnes of toxic and carcinogenic human health problems on Albertans; coal-fired plants emitted just 1,800 tonnes of PM 2.5 (particulate matter) while powering warm homes and health solutions in clinics and hospitals across the province.

...  [it is] implausible that Pembina’s math would end up attributing half the deaths of Albertans to fine particulate matter – or coal-fired power.
There's much more in Michelle's debating points, but that is a biggie.

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