Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who's the biggest name in Canadian broadcasting?

What we all know and have no difficulty admitting.   Go Ezra! :)


E Mac said...

It is quite evident that Ezra is the top performer and although he is dramatic at times - it is the truth that stands out. Mansbridge be damned, and can't hold a candle to Levant.
The CBC and other discreditable msm outlets can only wish to equal SNN's consistent, reliable reports, and credibility. Now that the CBC is swirling around the bowl so to speak, that's not going to happen. And to boot, some of the heavy's are retiring or getting the gate from Mr. Lacroix. How the mighty have fallen and it looks good on them
Crying for more handouts of taxpayer cash is non-starter - To little to late.
I'm simply loving it.

Anonymous said...

Mr LeRant and Spun News have created the monster Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that you fear so much.

How ironic.

Enjoy your early retirement CPC.

bertie said...

Always these cowardly anonymous Liberals show up to blather about TURDS.Why can they not use their names.BECAUSE THEY are afraid of being outed and having their neighbours find out they are Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Ezra is an awesome windbag but he is not a journalist. He is very good at touring some little thing into getting con bots excited.

Dollops said...

I clicked on the link to G&M to see how the %'s might have changed .. hola, I had to vote again before the results would show. Dumb poll.

Anonymous said...

The poll is still open, I guess they are going to leave it open until they get the result they want.