Monday, November 17, 2014

Climate alarmist cult misinformation on CO2

Physicist Will Happer on the benefits of CO2 ... a view he says brings him regular hate mail:


Anonymous said...

Harper is funding climate change reduction. Are you happy about that?

Steve Eros said...

Global I mean global I mean climate change or whatever they will call their scam in the future is indeed a cult.

Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says...... without CO" we are all dead. volcanoes spew more carbon that all human beings. check out anti-transpiration effect.

JR said...

The only legitimate reason to spend money on "climate change reduction" is to help shut up alarmist loons who, if they had their way, would waste massively more money tilting at the climate wind mill and wrecking the economy.

So, no, I'm not unhappy. Though I'd be happier if it were possible to reduce that spending to near zero. That will require marginalizing the climate loons to
insignificance - which is, unfortunately, years away.