Saturday, November 15, 2014

American Lameduck Goofball-in-Chief wows Aussie students

At the University of Queensland:
U.S. President Barack Obama gave a landmark speech ... where his call for immediate action to protect the Great Barrier Reef was met with rousing applause.

... In a pot shot at Russian President Vladimir Putin's administration, Mr Obama said the United States was 'leading in opposing Russia's aggression, which is a threat to the world - which we saw in the appalling shoot down of MH17'. [So, he admits that what Russia is getting away with in Ukraine is thanks to US "leadership".  That's why Putin is shaking in his boots.]

It's easy to see why he picked a university to deliver his feckless bullcrap.



Pissedoff said...

Seems like it is every other country but the US that is opposing Putin

Vladimir Putin is 'leaving G20 summit early after tense 50 minute meeting with David Cameron over Ukraine'

Anonymous said...

It appears the worlds real leaders told Putin to stop the agression.
I am proud of PM Harper for looking the weasel in the eye and telling him to get out of Ukraine.
Obama was wetting his panties.
Putin left early musta had to wash his hair, or stage a grizzly bear wrestle photo op.