Sunday, April 12, 2015

Carbon Taxapalooza

Last Monday Terence Corcoran declared Carbon Taxapalooza Week:
We hereby declare this to be Carbon Taxapalooza Week. The objective is to acknowledge and deplore the great stampede of provincial governments to tax the hell out of fossil fuels.
On Tuesday, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, a self-appointed group of allegedly market-oriented economic policy wonks, will release a report calling for the provinces to adopt “carbon pricing” to help Canada tackle climate change. [Here's the full list Ecofiscal "commissioners".  It includes Preston Manning, Jean Charest, Paul Martin, Bob Rae, Peter Robinson (Suzuki Foundation CEO), etc.  With that rats nest of progressives and eco-illiterates what could possibly go wrong?]
Until now, Ontario hasn’t had much interest in carbon pricing ... But now, having exhausted a range of bad policies, Ontario’s Environment Minister, Glenn Murray, is pushing to adopt another set of allegedly less bad policies.
 Peter Foster: The way backwards on carbon policy:
... On Tuesday Canada’s self-appointed Ecofiscal Commission released a study, The Way Forward, that amounts to a recommendation for policy chaos in pursuit of the ever-more dubious cause of fighting catastrophic man-made climate change. ...
Peter Foster: Chris Ragan, market beautician:
You can always tell a fan of Big Government by the way he or she addresses the Invisible Hand, Adam Smith’s metaphor for free markets. ... This week, McGill economist Christopher Ragan, chairman of the self-appointed Ecofiscal Commission, came up with a more subtle put down - “Sometimes the Invisible Hand needs a manicure, and the way is to improve market signals.”

See also, Dennis Ambler at The SPPI Blog: A nest of carbon vipers
Vast sums of money, influence and power are involved in carbon mitigation schemes, and yet there is never any mention in the media of these massive and lucrative conflicts of interest. They appear quite content swallowing the diversionary tactics pushed by the likes of DeSmog Blog and Greenpeace ExxonSecrets with their claims of “oil- company funded deniers”.  It is doubtful that mainstream journalists ever bother to look behind the scenes at these people, yet it is all available on official websites.


Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says......... for many years I have put forth a solution for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint. it is very easy to accomplish. simply put a plastic garbage bag over your head and tie it tightly around your neck. we will, in a very few minutes, be put out of your misery. bye bye.

Alain said...

If this were a private business pushing this, the business would be charged with fraud, misrepresentation, false advertising and in the US with racketeering. Otherwise it would be the equivalent of extortion by organised crime. The scam offers great and easy opportunities for the fraudsters to make a bundle and for any corrupt government to do the same.