Friday, April 10, 2015

Freeman Dyson on climate change

The Vancouver Sun publishes a weekly video from "Conversations that Matter" hosted by Stuart McNish.  This week McNish interviewed famed mathematical physicist,  Freeman Dyson on the subject of climate change.

The Vancouver Sun has a number of columnists who are dedicated warmists.  They certainly wouldn't have been happy to hear the brilliant Prof Dyson's views.

I'm a Van Sun subscriber, but had no idea that this series existed.  Thanks to WUWT for putting me onto it.


JohnR said...

You should also listen to Stuart McNish of the Vancouver Sun interview Cody Battershill a month or two back.
Cody is an amazingly positive and organized communicator about the oilsands. He is a Calgary realtor and takes no money from the resource related industries to do his social media campaigns. He wants to balance the negative rhetoric with some inconvenient positive facts about the oil sands.

JR said...

Thanks, John. I'll do that.