Friday, April 1, 2016

Catastrophic climate change policy

Clean, green and catastrophic - for the economy:
... In the wake of government action around the world, industrial plants are closing, so-called green operations are failing, prices are soaring, subsidies are rampant, jobs are being lost, competitiveness eroded and energy consumers, especially the poor, are threatened by regressive carbon taxes. ...


Martin said...

In Ont the madness continues unabated. Despite warnings from all objective studies of the economic disadvantages of Wind turbines, Ont keeps shoving them onto rural communities.
Even the Ont Professional Engineers informed the government that wind plants would lead to increased C02 emissions in the long term, given present preferential treatment of wind power. Wind power continues to displace cheaper, green sources available on grid.
The objective question needed to be asked is: Industrial Wind plants are the solution to exactly what problem? Not clean air, the coal plants are all now closed and wind had nothing whatever to do with it. Not reduced carbon, see the engineers report.
Wind power can never replace any conventional source of electricity. Ont now has a significant surplus of power.

A dozen years ago the Liberal government had a chance to aggressively stress that Ont could produce 80% of its electricity from clean, efficient, sources, nuclear, hydro and gas. Instead they were scared off by lobbyists defining nuclear as a non renewable, thus a "bad" source. The billion wasted on wind power, plus the opportunity cost of not investing in nuclear will plague the province for decades.

Anonymous said...

In other words the nefarious scheme of Government being able to control the climate through taxation and control of all energy resources has had the exact desired result... Climate gangsters achieving their goals... what an effed up world where the worst of the worst control everything and everyone... sad.

johndoe124 said...

It's not catastrophic for the crony socialists. Lots of companies going broke, lots of jobs lost but there's no way the execs with political connections haven't walked away with millions.

JR said...

With very few exceptions (eg Brad Wall) politicians of all stripes and at all levels of government have adopted delusional policies to "fight climate change". And now the feds, with former McGuinty Principle Secretary and climate radical Gerald ("we don't need new pipelines, we need a new economy by 20250") Butts running the Trudeau agenda things can only get worse. Our climate zealots will be going all out to be "climate leaders" at the cost of hundreds of billion$ to our economy - all for negligible net effect on climate.

Harper's approach of keeping in harmony with the "climate" policies, delusional though they may have been, of our biggest trading partners (mainly the USA), was very reasonable by comparison.