Sunday, April 17, 2016

Justin Trudeau: "the man of your dreams" and quantum computing guru

J.J. McCullough on "The North Koreanification of Canadian political reporting":
... the Canadian media has actually reversed the realities of the story 180 degrees. What is being falsely presented as a story of a scrappy prime minister resisting a hostile press is actually a story of a slavishly subservient press who are actively shaping their reporting to suit the government’s needs.

It is a disgrace.

Same goes for the fawning Vanity Fair:



Anonymous said...

Everyone, and I mean everyone in the hopelessly corrupt Media know that Justine is an imbecile, they know better than most and they've known Justine is a moron for a very long time. The Media simply don't care that their leader is an idiot, the Media do everything possible to hide this well known fact from the public, it does however explain the Media's deference for the lisping idiot actor, their co-ordinated election campaigning with the idiots team and the Media's immediate desperation and ferocious rush to defend the nit-wit at every turn from any and all criticisms or doubts. The Media members know that PM Clownypants is a jackass, an actor of sorts, an emoting fool with a script, thats why the Media willingly and willfully go along with these type of pre-prepared stunts. Jethro's "expertise" is in narcissistic self indulgence and doing bong hits, perhaps a somersault here and there, a boy/man very used to the fawning and pampering from his adoring and protective Media fans, followers and groupies. Justine is a bong hitting dumbshit and everyone in the Media knows it. Sean M

JR said...

Could well be, Sean, and a large part of the problem could also be that the media is chock-a-block with imbeciles of its own - as in, it takes one to fawn over one.