Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's over for Ted Cruz.

Cruz drops out of presidential race following major defeat by Trump in Indiana:
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday suspended his presidential bid for the Republican nomination following a crushing defeat by Donald Trump in the Indiana primary.
Cruz told dismayed supporters the path to victory had been closed.

Now watch the Media Party and its candidate Hillary really come after Trump.  And vice versa.  This will be fun to watch!


fernstalbert said...

The media especially Fox News and its primetime hosts have made Trump. They wanted sizzle and swagger. Americans are going to get that and more. The Republic is dead - long live King Trump.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting although considering how much Trump has alienated minorities and women which the GOP already has issues with this will make winning tough but not impossible. On the one hand his strong appeal to blue collar workers could help him flip states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, but it could also put states like Georgia and Arizona in danger due to his remarks on minorities.

Martin said...

Much as I enjoy liberal bastions like CNN,CBC Liberal Party of Canada take their lumps from someone who fights back, I realize a Trump Administration would probably be bad for Canada. That being said a Clinton Presidency would be worse. On matters of trade, both would not move to ratify TPP; I think it is dead at this point. On existing agreements like NAFTA, Trump would play very tough ball on the inevitable lumber dispute. On many other files, he would not be accommodating. Jr has already poisoned the well with ill chosen remarks when Trump seemed unlikely to succeed. This repeats the Chretien uncle/nephew mistake of taking the losing side in the 2000 presidential race. Presidential candidates have aides who keep tracks of such things, they will have Jr remarks on video.
Anyway, I am relieved not to have to choose between these two, and I leave it to Americans to make their choice, without shrill advice from the northern neighbour.

Anonymous said...

Does Cruz at least keep his Senate seat for a while? I always find it strange that if a party nominee loses an election he goes back to being a nobody unlike our system where they usually become Leader of the Opposition.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........I get a laugh out of those who think Trump would be bad for Canada. Where have they been for the last 8 years? or does the fact that Obama is socialist cloud their vision? Trump will be no worse and probably no better for Canada than any other president in the history of the US.

Martin said...

I think Trump may be bad for Canada on stark economic matters, namely our exports, if he does promote some sort of America first policy in Government purchases. I don't expect him to tear up NAFTA, but by his rhetoric at least, he would like to. As I said the TPP which PM Harper spent so much time negotiating, would be ended under his regime, or Clinton for that matter. On any sort of economic issues he could be expected to deal hardly with Canada.
On the other hand, he would have almost no inclination to support any of the green fantasies of Trudeau and Wynne, There would be no American funds sent to some UN "climate fund" under his watch and that would be good. However, Trudeau would probably continue with his green agenda, even if it was 180 degrees different from the US position.
Obama also was bad, the Keystone pipeline obviously, but his was more of a benign indifference. He didn't retaliate obviously on trade issues. Mostly he didn't know where Canada was, so we didn't figure in his calculations.
I suspect Trump might be different, and we could be in his spotlight for many policy issues.
As for Clinton, she would be bad for everybody, but especially the USA.
Anyway let the race get underway and good luck to Americans in their choices.