Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The fractured Right Wing

Who's who in 14 identifiable groups on the right?  Gavin McInnes breaks it down:
"Lazy liberals talk about "the right wing" as if conservatives are a unified block.
Obviously that isn't true, but this video helps explain the divisions and diversity within the Right. Along with familiar categories (alt-right, neocon) I've invented some of my own, like Broadcast Patriot and Factual Feminist. Where do you fit in?"


Anonymous said...

I would argue there is a divisions on both sides of the spectrum as the spectrum is a continium so someone just a tad right of centre will have a lot more common with someone just a tad left of centre than someone on the hard right. Case in point in the 90s, more PC voters had the Liberals as opposed to Reform Party as their second choice and likewise more Liberals had the PCs than NDP as second choice. In fact in Western provinces where you have a more definitive left/right split many federal Liberals vote for centre-right parties provincially be it BC Liberals, Saskatchewan Party, or Manitoba PCs. Also very few people blindly follow any one ideology, rather most people are right wing on some issues and left wing on others and its more a matter of which way they lean on the majority of issues not just every issue thus why some people might support the right in one election and the left in the another depending on what issue is most important to them and how they lean on that issue.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........right, left, upside down, backwards. My kingdom for anyone that might be considered as conservative as me.